Ceylon Tea Fair understands the corporate responsibility of empowering the workforce in Sri Lanka’s splendid tea estates who brings together your cup of Ceylon Tea.

More than 50% of this workforce consists of women and 1% of what you buy from Ceylon Tea Fair goes into uplifting their lives. We have identified two adjacencies towards making this positive impact;

  • Education: We believe education can open doors for the children in our tea estates to achieve greater heights in the wider community of Sri Lanka. 0.5% of our revenue goes towards sponsoring primary/secondary education of financially underprivileged students from the community.
  • Feminine Hygiene: Having equal access to menstrual hygiene products is a basic right of all women. We believe the women who represent more than 50% of our workforce in the tea estates deserve just that. 0.5% of our revenue goes towards providing them with innovative, washable sanitary napkins.
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