About Ceylon Tea Fair

At Ceylon Tea Fair, we are blending the colonial charm of Ceylon Tea with the convenience of online retailing.

Ceylon Tea Fair is a pure-play digital platform for Small & Medium scale Ceylon Tea producers to sell their product direct-to-consumer fresh from their estates in the tranquil highlands of old Ceylon.

In the process, eliminating middlemen whilst keeping the true essence of Pure Ceylon Tea intact and offering a fair price for our consumers around the world to taste a fresh cup of Ceylon Tea.

Why Ceylon Tea Fair ?

Taste of tea has a lot to do with its freshness. Sometimes the tea you buy at a local convenient store may have been on the shelves for months. At Ceylon Tea Fair, we work closely with multiple Ceylon Tea producers to bring you their tea fresh from the plantations by eliminating middlemen to give you the best tasting cup of world’s finest tea. Our teas are handpicked and delivered directly to you within just two weeks.

This is our vision through building the world’s first online platform for Ceylon Tea – to bring Pure Ceylon Tea, plantation fresh to your doorstep.

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